Our Process

The Process

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Give us a call. We'll schedule an in home consultation, where we'll:

-Meet with you
-Discuss your storage needs
-Take inventory of what you're looking to store
-Show you our material choices
-Measure your space

Alternately you can fill out our 'Quick Quote' form, for an estimate and preliminatry drawings

Design and Pricing

Design and pricing. We'll take the information we gathered back to the office. A design consultant will put together a detailed set of computer generated drawings for a design of your space, complete with 3D views.

These drawings, along with project pricing, will be e-mailed to you, typically the day after your in home consultation has taken place.

Several rounds of revisions typically follow to arrive at the final design.


Production. Once we've arrived at the final design, its time to make some dust (in our place, not yours!) The project is sent to our shop, where all the parts are machined using computer driven equipment. Our machines are calibrated at an accuracy of .002"!

Everything is prepared at our location, to minimize the work that needs to be done on site. When the parts leave our shop, the only thing that left to do is to assemble the closet system in your space.


Installation. Our closet systems are typically installed within 2 weeks of the drawings being finalized. Our installers will arrive at you house on installation day, and first lay down tarps to protect the floors in the area.

They'll install your new closet, which we think you'll find goes surprisingly quickly. Before they leave they area is throughly cleaned, leaving no trace that anyone's been there. Entire installation generally takes 1 day, less for smaller closets.

Once they're done, the only thing left is for you to enjoy your new closet organizer!