What does a closet system cost?

This varies widely depending on the project. A small reach 6′ reach-in closet,  with a set of drawers and some hanging would start at about $800, a small, basic walk-in closet would  start at about $1200. Add size, drawers,  accessories, moldings etc. and the price can be 2 and 3 times that.

What area do you service?

We travel within about a 45 minute radius of Plymouth, MA.

How does your pricing compare to California Closets?

We’re considerable less expensive. Our products are identical.

What material is used?

All of our shelving is made from 3/4″ thick panels with a baked on plastic resin finish (thermally fused melamine.)

Drawer slides are full extension, side mounted ball bearing slides, rated to hold 100lbs in weight.

Are the materials ‘Eco-Friendly’?

Very. From the manufacturer: ‘The panel core is 100% recovered and recycled wood residues – no trees are cut – that would otherwise re-enter our environment as waste. The wood in our panels is also a carbon sink, preventing absorbed CO2 from being rereleased into our atmosphere. But perhaps most importantly, our beautiful woodgrain surfaces are high-definition paper prints that are produced with the use of water-based inks.’


What exactly does the shelving system consist of?

There are several components. First, as our units are wall mounted, there’s a steel hanging rail that mounts to the wall. Next are the sides, which clip onto the hanging rail. Then are the horizontal parts: tops, bottoms, fixed shelves and adjustable shelves. All but the adjustable shelves are fixed in place. The adjustable shelves sit on shelf supports, the shelf supports fit into holes that are drilled into the sides. Those are the basic components common to all our units . Add to that drawers, closet rods, belt and tie racks, valet rods, pullout baskets etc., depending on the design.

Essentially what we’re doing is assembling a large cabinet(s), with dividers, shelves, closet rods etc., on your wall(s).

Do you offer ‘floor mount’ units.

We do. Many times our standard layouts combine both floor mount and wall mount sections. All sections can be brought to the floor upon request.

How deep is the shelving?

14″ is our standard depth, this can be modified to any depth, as required by the space to be outfitted.

Do the units have backs?

Typically they don’t. The wall behind the unit is genereally exposed. You’ll also see the hanging rail that supports the shelving. This receives a plastic cover strip. Backing is available at an upcharge

Is there going to be a mess when the shelving is installed?

Generally very little, it’s fairly minor surgery. The biggest mess comes from removing the old shelving. We put down tarps in the closet to catch anything dust/debris that falls on the floor, and once we leave the tarps are removed, and the area throughly vaccumed. The closet parts are already fabricated when we arrive, so there’s only the occasional piece to be trimmed, plus cutting the closet rods and rails to length, but this is all done outside. If we’ve done our job right, when we leave the only trace of us being there is your beautiful new shelving!

How long from when drawings are finalized until the closet shelving is ready to be installed?

There’s a 2 week lead time. Let us know if you have a circumstance in which you need it sooner than that, we typically can accomodate these requests.

Do you offer wire shelving?

We don’t.

I’m ready to start the process, how do I begin?

Either give us a call: 508-747-5067, or Click Here to send us a message.